Thursday, May 13, 2010

As Bu$hbama is exposed,
what's its next move?

THE DAYS OF the global kleptocrats fostering totalitarian oligarchy through using Democrats for a few years, then switching to Republicans for a few years, and then back again, are over. People are onto that game.
Heck, they were onto it back in 2000. Both "left" and "right" were uniting in opposition to globalism. Fortunately for the overlords, September 11 arrived just in time to save the day, allowing them, through the Bush administration, to once again divide the people and redouble their program of steamrolling freedom.

Yet after years of war under an overtly sinister Bush administration, the 9/11 spell was wearing off (all those pesky unanswered questions and contradictions in the official conspiracy theory) and once again, people were waking up to the fact that we're fighting a common enemy. This was a big problem for the global criminals. So they were forced to play their ace card: a novelty "black" president. What a breath of fresh air! Like Professor Griff said, fascism got a facelift when Obama assumed office. But that move has been well exposed too.

So soundly is the Obama deception being exposed -- along with the rest of their political bag of tricks --  the only move they have left is naked power.  And that's the scary part.

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