Friday, May 21, 2010

Let's trap the libertarian with an irrelevant question about Civil Rights-era legislation.

WHY DIDN'T NPR ALSO ask Rand Paul, "so when did you stop beating your wife?" just to show where they were really coming from?

For the sake of argument, let’s imagine that this issue really were relevant in the year 2010. Let's imagine the Civil Rights Act were actually up for debate. Let’s imagine the Congress somehow were to repeal it. Who actually believes that in the year 2010, we would revert to Jim Crow? Who actually believes (especially in these hard times) that white businesses would voluntarily drive away customers--both blacks and whites--by reinstating segregation?

I don't, because I'm not a paranoid.
I do not see racists under every bed. Rather, my fears actually correspond to observed reality. I'm a lot more afraid of government supremacists than white supremacists because the former enemy is still active – and stronger than ever. The worldwide number of people oppressed, enslaved and murdered by centralized collectivist governments just in the last century exceeds those oppressed by slavery and segregation by orders of magnitude.

By the way, it is a very different world from the world of 1964. So many public accommodations now are owned by blacks or by people who are closer to black than white (try to find a Motel 6 or 7 Eleven owned by whites) that this issue is beyond irrelevant. Yet even if I found myself barred from some elitist establishment due to race, that only tells me I wouldn’t want to be there anyway. With very few exceptions (such as hospitals), it just wouldn’t matter to me whether I got to mix with the racist snobs.

Also, a lot of us have realized that forced integration was not the be-all and end-all. In many ways it inflamed racial animosities and resulted in draining a lot of the best and brightest, along with a lot of capital -- financial and moral – out of the black communities in hopes of advancement in the “white world.”

Very importantly, folks need to understand that history is more than what gets written up in newspapers or reported by trusted icons (such as the news icon back in 1964, Walter Cronkite, communist sympathizer and proponent of world government). Official History omits most of the really important facts. The fact is the coverage of the Civil Rights era -- and to a significant extent, the events themselves -- were manipulated to produce the outcome desired by the federal supremacists. "Racism" was purposely provoked and invoked in order to discredit and crush the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the Constitution for the united States of America. You can call it "conspiracy" or you can call it "covert operations" -- doesn't much matter. It happened and it is on the record.

William Jasper of The New American writes (in Agents Provocateurs Fuel Anti-Right-wing Propaganda):
When state, county, and federal authorities conducted the famous raid on the secret Communist Party gathering at a farm near Bridgman, Michigan, in August 1922, they captured many of Moscow’s top aboveground and underground agents, including one communist leader who was running a Klan organization for communist purposes. That purpose was to polarize the races and create civil turmoil that the communists could exploit.

Forty years later Sam Bowers, the Imperial Wizard of the White Knights of the KKK of Mississippi, told FBI undercover informant Delmar Dennis that he had joined the Communist Party in California in 1947 and that the purpose of his Klan agitation was to provide a pretext “for more and more control over Mississippi by Washington,” which Bowers admitted was a communist objective for America. Bowers was very likely one of the members of the Young Communist League (YCL) that staged a number of phony KKK incidents in California in 1946-47 — including the burning of a cross in front of a Jewish fraternity house — to inflame racial animosities and win support for their favored candidates, who postured as pillars of virtue by denouncing the alleged Klan terrorism.With thousands of Alinsky disciples stretching from the Oval Office to ACORN offices, there is good reason to examine all inflammatory incidents as work of agents provocateurs.

The collectivists have lots of tricks up their sleeve, and that is only one of them. Most students of deep politics and hidden history realize that things are not as they seem on the surface. When you start to realize this – and you realize that centralized power in all aspects is the end toward which our opinions are being manipulated – you see events in a whole different light. In other words, you start thinking outside the cage.


  1. You are the same type of person that never went back to help anyone of color because your words you think mean something to you maybe I bet you date white women as well. I guess you do speak for blacks black women; because you say you are a black man I bet you the kind that look at black men in a bath room looker room and wish you could have what they have. What should be done that you have this in your mine? I would like to know after all you are the smart one here.

  2. Not so sure what your point is, Anon.

    I would be interested in knowing if you have read and given some thought to the facts and arguments I put forth. Some of it is very disturbing, of course, but we are grownups (even if you are under 18 you are able to read and comprehend) and we have to deal with reality.