Saturday, December 12, 2009

Meteorologist and Weather Channel founder
weighs in on "global warming"

JOHN COLEMAN COMMENTS on what he calls a "six legged monster."

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The cult of Obama ?

There most definitely is a cult around Obama, but it was made possible by the

Cult of the Presidency,

which long precedes Obama.

The political establishment in this country has been cultivating an imperial aura and power for the executive for a long, long time. Our country seems to be run by literal royalists. Why do you think we're so bombarded by propaganda about British royalty, for instance? Closer to home, how many mentions of "American royalty" or "American dynasty" or "American aristocracy" did you hear surrounding the death of Ted Kennedy?

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Cliff's Notes version of what really happened on 9/11

A CONVERSATION FROM the Alex Jones show, 9/1/08 (second hour, minutes :14-:20):

TOM IN CALIFORNIA: I just want to bring another layer to 9/11 that I think you'd be very interested in. I was a professional airline pilot for twelve years. I have over 10,000 hours of flight time, all the licenses, airline transport license, et cetera. I was 747-400 captain for two years for a comnpany called Atlas. Prior to that I flew the seven-three-seven as a captain for seven years. ... Back in ... 2003 ...

ALEX: They put the remote control takeover chip in it.

TOM: Of cour -- well --  I'll split hairs even further, sir.  If you look at the amateur video of the seven-six-seven-dash-two-hundred-series aircraft that did hit, that pod that's on the bottom, that's called a radome. That's manufactured by Martin Marietta. It's been manufactured here in the United States for 37 years. Exclusively used by the U.S. military to fly Air Force drones. Clearly --

ALEX: A control pod.

TOM: Clearly, that is used only to radio-control aircraft and hide an antennae. There are no civilian airplanes that have that pod, period, I challenge anybody to go out --

ALEX: Well look at the E4B's over New York and D.C. as the attacks happen -- and then after  they happen, when all air traffic is shut down -- with the command pod on top and the American flag on back -- those are the doomsday planes.

TOM: And I wanna tell you something. When I looked at the amateur video I came across that white seven-four-seven-dash-one-hundred series, and I go, What the hell is that? There's no end number on this airplane, it's flying in an orbital pattern, and as we all know, that airplane was present on that day.

In a nanosecond I said, "Wait a minute, that's a flying platform where they radio-control these airplanes. One more piece of information, if I may. And that is, if anybody even has half a brain -- all your listeners do, thank God, but the peple I talk to who are sheeple -- and I say to them look! It's right in front of your face. You say a seven-five-seven-dash-two-hundred series hit the Pentagon. Where is the debris field?  Where are the body parts? Where are the two ten-thousand-pound CFF [?] engines?

ALEX: Hey, on National Geographic they say those giant engines wouldn't even hurt the facade. Wouldn't even knock a window out.

TOM: That's exactly my point. They're not gonna bore through six feet of concrete and rebar. They're gonna -- they have breakaway bolts, just like when the airplane hit the Hudson and the #2 engine tore off on that Airbus A-310. They're meant to break away from the engine pylon for an engine fire. This is known for Airbus, Boeing, doesn't matter.

ALEX: Let me ask you a question. What would one of those giant engines, weighing I don't know how many tons, do at 550 miles an hour smashing into a concrete face?

TOM: First of all, to go 550 miles per hour in an airplane and ... for me --

ALEX: TO hold it down on the ground, is that impossible?

TOM: To hold at 60 feet and try and hit a building, that would be very, very difficult. You'd have to be an extremely skilled pilot. And secondly, you're not gonna be able to fly that fast because of air compression. So that's another bogus point about it.

[Skipping some misunderstandings between Alex and Tom regarding air compression]

TOM: The smoking gun is that there's no debris field. That's the bottom line -- there's nothing there. And then when I tell people, I say look, there's nothing there because a missile hit it.

Just one more point, if I may. I was present the day of and the day after -- I was based in JFK -- when TWA Flight 800 got shot down by a Navy missile. That was the buzz. I talked to an American Airlines flight crew that was landing on the two-five complex there and saw the frickin' thing get shot out of the sky.

ALEX: They've interviewed a hundred, and I think eighty-seven, members of the military that said yeah, we were runnin' a drill for a missile test that night.

TOM: Of course. There's an area called Area One-Oh-Five 80 miles northeast -- you can see it on any aeronautical chart. This is where they were doing that. They were shooting that out of a Polaris submarine ... the primary form of tracking was a radar signature. The second was a heat-seeking signature and that primary piece of equipment in that failed,
and that's when it tracked and locked onto that seven-four-seven-dash 200  series airplane, and, and, they saw molten metal on, on, bodies in that plane, I heard this the next day, and I heard, two days afterwards --

ALEX: They had investigators sneak in -- they later sent 'em to prison --and got samples and it had explosives residue. General Benton K. Partin, former head of Air Force weapons development, said it was a continuous rod warhead missile.

TOM: Exactly ... you hit the nail on the head. I read this, gosh, 10 years ago. There was a gentlemen wrote a book who worked for Aviation and Space Technology, [who] was a 20 year reporter, and simply, he said, 'this stinks.' He had an insider go in and take a piece off the back of seat #33F. And he took that to an independent lab, had it analyzed, and found that 99 percent of the exhaust gases on the back of that piece of material matched a
matched a certain Navy missile. And then he sent that, of course, to one of the major news agencies and they intercepted it and boom -- he was in jail that same day. So there it is.

ALEX: Absolutely, continuous-rod warhead. When they put the plane back together you
could see where it hit. All right, thank you so much, sir. Interesting points. Fits in with all the intel we have. Yeah, the first plane, the evidence shows, was a drone on the [World Trade Center] towers as well.

Speaking of the Boeing E-4B airplane mentioned above as having been present over Washington shortly after the Pentagon attack, this post from an aviation forum at explains that airplane's function:

From: KBGRbillT
Date: Wed Feb 9 2005

First things first, the E-4B doesn't follow AF1 [Air Force One] anywhere. It follows the President. If I remember correct from my days at Offutt AFB it is required to be within an hours time of the president stateside or overseas. The humped radome on top of the fuselage houses an antenna for the Milstar Satellite communication system. The aircraft is not allocated for the VP anymore than the Pres. or his cabinet, it is an airborne operations center with the ability to control DoD assets from the air. These aircraft are NOT airborne 24/7/365, in fact as most spotters can attest, they sit on alert 90% of the time at airports which fringe the Presidents location. Command and control capabilities of the E-4B mirror and/or exceed that of AF1. AF1 was put into service in Sept. of 1990 and was fully capable of controlling the Nuclear Triad assets immediately, no future 'upgrades' were required to bring it up to this status. The only capability upgrades it has received is newer better equipment (as it becomes available) than that which was installed when delivered to the USAF.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Phony populism driving pseudo-Tea Party movement

WHEN THE PEOPLE once in every great while awaken to realize they're being bent over and royally screwed, they start to wake up -- as we're doing in this depression marked by giant giveaways to Wall Street and foreign banks. But the Establishment long ago learned how to co-opt popular outrage. Thus the wave of faux-populism washing over the Establishment media of late. Derivatives traders rant about how the "little guy" is being screwed over, and talk of starting a new "Tea Party," an idea stolen from supporters of true populist and patriot Ron Paul. Establishment neocon multimillionaire radio ranters like Michael Savage, Glenn Beck and others, as if on cue, are now suddenly sounding like are all suddenly sounding like Alex Jones, warning of ominous conspiracy everywyere. Except in their narrowly written script, it's purely an Obama/liberal consipracy. Never mind that Obama and the Dems are only continuing the same globalist/collectivist/militarist policies advanced by Bush Jr. --and Clinton, and Bush Sr., and Reagan... To hear it from these guys, the Republic and economy just started crumbling the second Obama raised his right hand and took the oath. No, we've been crumbling for quite some time, and this has been a bipartisan achievement.