Thursday, March 5, 2009

Phony populism driving pseudo-Tea Party movement

WHEN THE PEOPLE once in every great while awaken to realize they're being bent over and royally screwed, they start to wake up -- as we're doing in this depression marked by giant giveaways to Wall Street and foreign banks. But the Establishment long ago learned how to co-opt popular outrage. Thus the wave of faux-populism washing over the Establishment media of late. Derivatives traders rant about how the "little guy" is being screwed over, and talk of starting a new "Tea Party," an idea stolen from supporters of true populist and patriot Ron Paul. Establishment neocon multimillionaire radio ranters like Michael Savage, Glenn Beck and others, as if on cue, are now suddenly sounding like are all suddenly sounding like Alex Jones, warning of ominous conspiracy everywyere. Except in their narrowly written script, it's purely an Obama/liberal consipracy. Never mind that Obama and the Dems are only continuing the same globalist/collectivist/militarist policies advanced by Bush Jr. --and Clinton, and Bush Sr., and Reagan... To hear it from these guys, the Republic and economy just started crumbling the second Obama raised his right hand and took the oath. No, we've been crumbling for quite some time, and this has been a bipartisan achievement.