Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dems re-igniting the Culture War

IN PROTESTING THE Obama Health Kontrol regime that descended upon America March 21 -- as well as the tacky culture-and-race-war the Obama forces are fomenting to distract from the real issues -- Mark Steyn, guesting for Rush Limbaugh on April 30, got it right when he diagnosed the Democratic/"progressive" modus operandi.

"'You can do what you want with all your bodily parts and stick 'em anwhere you want to stick 'em, and that way you won't notice all the other rights we're rolling back on everything else."

"They give you freedom in the social aspect but take away your freedom in economic aspects," the caller agreed.

Even some more thoughtful leftists have agreed that the obsessive focus on racial and sexual identity politics in the late 80s and '90s didn't really help the Left provide an effective economic critique and opposition against the destructive global imperialism that ought to have been their real target. In fact, the culture/gender circus was largely a distraction.

But Steyn failed to note that Republicans have engaged in the same sordid distraction game -- using "Culture Wars" to keep their Christian conservative base enthralled and blinded by might, all the while pulling the economic rug out from under them. Both wings in the Establishment bird of prey, actually, have assiduously exploited "Culture War" wedge issues in order to obscure the economic war they're waging on the entire middle class -- of whatever religion, creed, ethnicity, or gender.

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