Monday, December 6, 2010

Why do the open-border crowd lie so much?

IN WATCHING A recent  House committee hearing on illegal immigration I am amazed at the open-border crowd’s (i.e., mostly Democrats) steadfast, complete commitment to deceptive terms of debate.

Imagine this conversation:

YOU: I think it’s terrible how lax the police and courts are about enforcing our laws against rape. Women are being victimized every day, but rarely is any perpetrator prosecuted. They seem to have the policy of giving accused perps the benefit of the doubt. If a guy says “well she was asking for it” or “she was wearing a tight skirt,” they drop the charges. We need to make them enforce the law and prosecute these people!

OTHER GUY: Why are you anti-sex? Sex is a wonderful expression of love between people who care about each other.

YOU: Huh? I was talking about rape. 

OTHER GUY: This anti-sex, anti-male bigotry must stop. Sex is what built our nation. It is a built-in, natural human drive. Men are people too. Why do you hate men?

YOU: Have you even heard a single word I’ve said? I am not talking about consensual sex. I am talking about rape -- criminal sexual assault. It is against the law.

OTHER GUY: It is unrealistic to stop people from having sex. Sex is what America is all about! My grandparents had sex – that’s why I’m here.

YOU: Sigh.

The above is an exact analog of the liberal debating tactic about illegal immigration: Always shift the subject to *legal* immigrants, particularly those in the days of yore. Evoke images of Ellis Island and Lady Liberty. Which of course has nothing to do with the subject of uncontrolled, unknown millions--including potentially thousands of violent criminals-- stealing across the border illegally.

I've concluded the leading folks on that side of the debate have no intention whatever of arguing honestly. It is impossible to hold a civil discourse with parties whose first and last words on the matter are lies and smears.

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