Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mad at the world

THE CRAZIES ARE AT IT again, standing on the street corner muttering threats to imaginary enemies who, they say, are "defying the world." Reaching in their pants and waving their missiles around in public.

The mental patients who have taken over the asylum wish to convince us normal peace-loving folk that we are the ones with the problem.
Has it occurred to the average American to ask: who are these people who use us as their platform from which to plunder and terrorize the world? They claim to do it in the name of America. Not!

Even if they did somehow speak for all of us, what would give these mis-leaders of this mere toddler of a nation a right to order around one of the world's most ancient civilizations?

Why would any American think he even has a right to discuss the internal affairs of a sovereign nation where he does not live, vote, or pay taxes?

Who are these people who believe they have authority to dictate other nations' energy needs--or for that matter, their defense needs?

How would you react if you were a small central Asian country and the world's biggest military superpower (whose military daycare budget is as big as your entire military budget) were occupying the country to your left, and busily bombing the two neighbors to your right as well?

Furthermore, suppose this global juggernaut also happened to be the only one yet to have ever used nuclear weapons against civilians -- incinerating 200,000 of them within the space of a few minutes.

What if you had that breathing down your neck and threatening you daily?

And what if that mammoth bully's belligerent little toady nation--just a couple doors down and also bristling with nukes--were also breathing down your neck, talking wild-eyed about attacking you, it agents spreading hysterical propaganda against you? Wouldn't you be thinking about beefing up your national defenses as well?

Of course, Iran isn't making nuclear weapons; they are trying to provide themselves cheaper energy. But they damn well ought to be building some nukes. I would if I were them.

How many Americans utterly ignorant of history -- ignorant that the religious fanaticism in Iran is directly a result of the West's previous attacks and meddling, including the outright overthrow of its democratically elected government 1953? (There was even a Roosevelt involved in that one.)

How many American actually believe the breathtakingly brazen Big Lies asserting that Shiite Iran is somehow at one with Sunni al-Qaeda (actually, al-CIAda)?

How many Americans actually believe Israel and America should be held exempt from the rules they force upon select other regimes whenever they get a notion to?

How many Americans actually swallow the hoax about Iran threatening to "wipe Israel off the face of the earth"?

It is time to pull the choke chain on the mad dogs posing as men who are running what we like to call "our" country.

It is time to say enough.

It is time to say: You're not going to start a new front in your endless war on the world, a new excuse to murder people. Not in my name, not on my watch, not on my dime.
Who died and made these people God -- these colossal hypocrites unsurpassed in their smug wicked arrogance, who think they are welcome to treat one of the world's oldest cultures as a child; scolding, commanding and punishing like some kind of planetary parent?

Does no one share my astonishment at this cosmic-sized hubris? At these ghouls who stand atop a mountain range of the dead and the dying yet dare to issue commands, dare to preen and pose as moral authorities? These whitewashed tombs, gleaming on the outside, full of corpses, death and disease on the inside?

Is there any wonder the U.S. -- or more properly, the regime occupying the U.S. -- has been labeled "the Great Satan"? Satan is as Satan does.

It's time we said to these self-appointed masters of the universe:

Sit down and shut up.

Get out of other people's countries.

Stay out.

You have no more legitimately constituted authority in their business than they have in ours.

You have no charter to operate as a world government.

You have no moral mandate to "dominate," as either planetary parent or policeman.

The real God is getting real pissed off. Your days of cheap God impersonations are numbered.

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