Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Patriot is the new hip

KUDOS TO SPIN for finally taking notice of a real grassroots movement. No, I don't mean the Republican party hacks who have glommed onto the Tea Party idea because they recognize one last opportunity to keep the sheep from bolting the Republican pen. I mean the artists and activist types referred to in the Spin piece, the types who were there pre-Fox,  the original Ron Paul Tea Partyers, the real heart and soul of the freedom movement. Liberty is hip again and the mainstream just caught on. The original American Revolution was, after all, led by the young men and women.

No wonder the Establishment's all hyperventilating about bricks thrown anonymously through windows (never mind a Democrat operative allegedly caught smashing a Democratic Party office window -- move along, nothing to see), using that to up the Terror Alert level, to discredit an entire movement, the entire Bill of Rights, Constitution, and Declaration of Independence in one fell swoop. (Using "terror" fearmongering to discredit critics: this is "change"?)

Desperate measures, because for the enemies of liberty, these are desperate times.

Their illusion is falling apart, and you and me get to be spectators, or better yet, rebuilders. Will you escape this towering edifice of deception, or hang around and be buried by the rubble? Your choice, I've made mine.

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